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Business Forms

Laser Forms

In today's world, the benefits of laser forms can be very appealing to many businesses. Not only does it cut down on the amount of paper you use, but laser printers generally process forms much faster. Your finished product looks much cleaner and neater, and laser forms can save you money.

Unit Sets 

Unit sets can serve various purposes in your business. They may be ideal for applications where:

  • Multiple copies of a form are needed.

  • Your employees or customers need to complete information by hand.

  • You are concerned about a hard copy for audit purposes. 

Unit set construction is ideally suited for order forms, banking forms, finance applications, and lease agreements.

Continuous Forms

For use still in many business environments, pin feed computer forms are more versatile today than ever before. Choose forms with labels or integrated cards, multi-part invoices or statements, healthcare forms, or a variety of other applications.

Security Documents/Checks 

These days, if you fail to properly protect your documents, you could be held financially responsible if those documents are duped. In the past, banks were held entirely responsible for losses in check fraud cases, even when their customers were negligent. However, since the revision of the Uniform Commercial Code (legal rules regarding all commercial transactions) in 1990, bank customers must show "due diligence" in everything from incorporating check security features to storing checks properly.

What Fold and Seal or Peel-Apart Mailers Can Do For You 

Fold and seal mailers, also known as self-mailers, have many advantages. Ask us to show you how they can:

  • Eliminate folding, inserting, and addressing, reducing labor costs.

  • Eliminate set-up and post-processing time.

  • Offer potential postage savings.

  • Provide added security for confidential information, such as payroll checks.

  • Eliminate envelope inventory.

Call or email us for a no-obligation consultation. We can show you samples and explain the benefits of these productivity boosters.

Other Forms Available:

  • Cut-Sheets 

  • Padded Forms 

  • Affixed Products on Forms

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